Manuelian Architects is a boutique architectural company specialized in designing high-end custom single family homes. We have extensive experience working on large scale residential projects including developments in hillside areas. Our team of professionals is dedicated to consistent and quality design. Our energy and creativity make us view every new project as an opportunity to further challenge the imagination. The results are as diverse as the clients, because we honor their vision of the project.

Working with Developers:

Our team of professionals has the experience and ability to manage and execute your project from the conceptual stage through the completion of construction. Working closely with the engineering teams, we coordinate the proposed design, submit plans for plan check, address corrections, clear conditions with all pertinent departments, and obtain building permits through a maximally efficient procedure. We have an extensive knowledge of the Los Angeles and Beverly Hills residential zoning codes which allows us to develop the site to the maximum allowed parameters.

Working with Homeowners:

Our customers describe us as extremely creative, innovative, and meticulous about every detail. We would listen to your needs, study your habits and style preferences,  understand your budget restrictions, introduce you to new and creative design ideas, discuss options, find workable solutions to design problems, handle the building permitting process and obtain approvals from all pertinent departments. We would work very closely with the General Contractor to make sure that all the work is completed per our specifications.

Working with Real Estate Agents/Brokers:

Our architectural background, experience with both project design and construction, as well as with budget allocation, knowledge of zoning codes, ordinances and development standards, make us the appropriate consultant for a real estate feasibility study. Our valuable knowledge could be beneficial to you for property acquisition and/or development. Our team would analyze client objectives, government codes, and property characteristics to determine the best options to develop a site by preparing a brief or comprehensive Feasibility Study (FS) report. The FS report provides a strategic plan for project preparation and governmental submittals.

Joint Ventures:

Our team has experience working on local projects with foreign architects and professionals. Our current single family residential project in Hollywood Hills is a product of Manuelian Architects and Fran Silvestre Arquitectos collaboration (FSA office being the Design Architect of the project).